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SMartop Technology Ltd.

Flat B, 9/F, Wing Yip Industrial Building
Wing Yip Street, Kwai Chung,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2790 4433
Fax: (852) 2790 5918

Email: sales@smartop.com.hk
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  • Measurement Division
    ASC Solder Paste Measurement System
    Datapaq Temperature Monitoring System
  • Inspection Division
    Vision Engineering Inspection System
    CTI/Vtek Video Microscopes System
  • BGA / SMT Rework Division
    OC White Inspection System
    APE South Rework System
    E-tec Testing Socket
  • Material Division
    Roechling Durstone PCB Pallet Material
    SmartWiper Understencil Wiping Rolls
    Anti-static Acrylic
  • Circuit Assembly Division
    Apollo Seiko Desktop Robots
    TECAN Nickel Electroformed Stencils
    SmartBlade Metal Squeegee
    Earth-tronic Solder Recovery System
Products-Mainland, China
  • PCB Depanelizer Division
    VPD1-1 Manual/Motorized Circular Blade Depanelizer
    VPD2-1 C-Frame Motorized Circular Blade Depanelizer
    VPD3-1 Motorized Circular & Linear Blade Depanelizer
    VPD3-1 Manual Circular & Linear Blade Depanelizer
    PS-MR-1 Multi-tab PCB Nibbler
    PP-1 Pneumatic Press

  • Heat Sealing & Pulsed Heat Division
    HSM1-1 Heat Sealing Machine with Linear Guideway
    HSM1-2 Heat Sealing Machine Basic
    HSM2-1 Heat Sealing Machine with Manual Rotary Turntable
    HSM2-2 Heat Sealing Machine with Pneumatic Rotary Turntable
    PHM1-1 Pulsed Heat Soldering Machine with Linear Guideway
  • Board Handling & Transfer Division
    BHT1-1 Multiple Magazine Loader
    BHT2-1 Multiple Magazine Unloader
    BHT3-1 Bare Board Loader
    BHT4-1 Buffer Conveyor
    BHT5-1 Inspection Conveyor
    BHT6-1 Passage Gate Conveyor
    BHT7-1 Turning Conveyor
    BHT8-1 Inverter
    BHT10-1 Inclined Conveyor
  • PCB Assembly Division
    SP-2323 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer
    SH-2000 BGA Rework Station
    AD-300 Automatic Dispenser
    SM-1 Semi-Automatic Surface Mounter
    Wave & Reflow Pallets Fabrication

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