PCB Assembly Division

SP-2323 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer

SMartPrint SP-2323 is an entry-level unit developed for customers requiring a flexible, semi-automatic with cost effective and high yield capability. Full microprocessor control and digital pressure setting ensure consistent print quality.

The SP-2323 semi-automatic screen printer designed for fine pitch printing up to 0.5mm (20 mils). Registration and print quality are held constant by the system's Superior Mechanical Design. X, Y and theta micrometer adjustments are firmly secured by manual settings.

SH-2000 BGA Rework Station

  • PID Microprocess controlled
  • Temperature profiles are programmable and stalled for different rework conditions.
  • High power hot air chamber ensure stability of board temperature.
  • IR bottom heater enables fast heating and prevent PCB warpage
  • Suitable for BGA, QFP, etc. Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) rework and repair.


SD-300 Automatic Dispenser

  • 2-axis desktop robot with pneumatic control Z axis
  • Windows program with Graphic User Interface very easy to learn and use
  • Cost effective solution for Chip Encapsulation, adhesion, potting, sealing (with various materials)
  • Use variety of material: instantaneous adhesive, silicon, epoxy resin, flux for soldering.
  • Can integrate with common liquid dispenser available in the market

SM-1 Semi-automatic Surface Mounter

  • Pick and place plenty of components each time.
  • Fixtures are changeable.
  • Easy set up of fixtures.
  • About 8 sec. per cycle.
  • 160mm max. component pick and place distance.
  • 315mm max. P.C.B. length.
  • High mechanical precision.
  • Suitable to SOJ, SOP, PLCC, QFP, BGA, etc. components.

Wave & Reflow Pallets Fabrication

SMartop is the Specialists for your print circuit assembly process. We can design, develop and fabricate tailor-made SMD flex circuit carriers, precision process carriers, masking pallets, adjustable pallets, selective soldering pallets, wave solder pallets, etc. to solve your assembly process problems in the shortest delivery time.

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