Inspection Division
Vision Engineering


The eyepieceless viewer enables unmatched freedom of head and body position, eliminating operator fatigue, due to an exit pupil 64x larger than traditional eyepiece microscopes. This produces a high-resolution image over a large viewing area.

  • Reduced Eyestrain and Operator Fatigue
  • Increased Throughput
  • Improved Fault Detection
  • Reduced Scrap Rates
  • Switchable 360 degree Angled View
  • 6X-120X Magnification
  • Eyepieceless Stereo Zoom Microscope

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Mantis large viewing area promotes maximum comfort while producing razor sharp, three dimensional stereo images. Operators will no longer suffer from eye, neck or back strain commonly associated with eyepiece technologies. Safety glasses or corrective vision eyeglasses may be worn in comfort during use.

  • Reduced Eyestrain and Operator Fatigue.
  • Magnification Range 2x - 10x.
  • More than 90,000 Installed Units Worldwide.
  • Long Working Distances allows for easy inspection and manipulation.

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Inspection Division

Explorer 2000
Video Magnifier


VTEK Explorer 2000 High-Resolution Magnifier is the top-of-the-line VTEK system. It features a high-resolution camera, zoom optics system and allows a choice of monitor solutions. You can even hook-up a large screen TV making it perfect for training applications.
  • Variable Magnification - 5 to 30 times at table height.
  • High-Resolution System - 480-line camera allows much better visual resolution than standard cameras.
  • Dual Lighting Systems - Built-in variable intensity fluorescent ring-lamp.
  • X-Y Movable Table - Comes standard with locking X-Y table.
  • High Depth-of-Focus - Minimizes re-focusing.
  • Multiple Video Outputs - S-Video, Composite (TV) and SVGA, etc.

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Inspection Division
O.C. White

Vision Lite 2000


"State of the Art" Variable Illumination Magnifier
  • 3-sided dimmable bulb that distributes light evenly over your viewing surface without flickering or glare. Electronic slide switch reduces illumination from 100% to 25%.
  • A large (7.5" x 6.2") rectangular lens composed of high quality crown white optical glass gives expanded linear viewing area. Complimentary for working with electronic boards. (P3, lenses)
  • Provided with an ESD safe shade and Mil Std. 2000 approved lens.
  • Ergonomically designed so you don't lose your point of reference when working.

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