BGA / SMT Rework Division
APE South Rework

Sniper II Split Vision Rework SMD-7000

The Sniper II includes a 16 profile, 16 segment controller, which is easily programmed using an integral key pad. Alternatively the system can be controlled via an RS232 connection with Windows R 95/98 software.

  • Computer Display Windows (CDW) - Profile Pattern Recipes (PPR) are easily created, stored, recalled, and edited using a GDW.
  • Computer Operation - Temperature profile traced in "Real Time".
  • Bottom Heat Control - The bottom heater is controlled by the top reflow controller.
  • Data Logging - Automatically 'Data Logged" using Adobe PDF graphical images.
  • Thermal Tracer - APE Thermal Tracer tracks the actual board temperatures during the rework.

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Flo-Master II SMD-5002

The Flo-Master II is the second system in the Flo-Master family, with integrated features required for computer profiling of larger PCB's greater than 12" x 14".

  • Multiple Profile Storage - up to 16 profiles uses PID algorithm.
  • Simple Operation - profile program can be run from the "Run" key on the Controller.
  • Windows Profile Creation Software - The Windows Graphical Display Window (optional) graphical display enables the user to create, edit and save any number of rework profiles and Data Log.
  • Automated Z Axis - Pneumatic Z axis adjustment to clear the area after rework.
  • Underboard Heating - Underboard heater is automatically controlled by the top Reflow Controller.

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BGA / SMT Rework Division
E-tec Socket

E-tec BGA
Testing Socket


E-tec is now the leading BGA socket manufacturing. Socket range from 19 x 19 upwards contacts with even larger parts currently in design.

The SMD socket is simply placed and reflowed onto the PCB in the same way as the chip and occupies only a small amount of additional board space. The knob lock socket extends ~ 6.00 mm beyond the outer ballrow with no fixing holes.


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