Materials Division
Roechling Durstone PCB Pallet Material


Durostone materials are glass fibre composites specifically design to meet the various challenges of the PCB assembly process.

Three grades are available to suit all needs, CHP760 the standard grade for general use, CAS761 an anti-static grade and CAG762 an anti-static grade with light reflection properties, suitable for optical sensor.

Durostone can be used for the following applications in the circuit assembly process.

  • SMT Pallet
  • Reflow Fixtures
  • Wave Solder Carriers

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Materials Division
SmartWiper Understencil Wiping Rolls

Dupont SONTARA SW8801

The highest quality of absorbent non-woven structure applicable to all automatic and semi-automatic stencil printer in general cleaning purpose under clean room environment.

  • Exceptionally low lint level
  • Strong, compatible with most known solvent. No blinder or chemical additives
  • Highly absorbent and high tear strength
  • Softness and flexible

Dupont SONTARA SW8836

The remarkable non-woven fabric designed for class 100 clean room environment. SONTARAR 8836 is also recognized as a high quality and consistent purity material which removes solder paste residual effectively with vacuum cleaning system.

  • Unique aperture pattern
  • Maximum absorbent capacity
  • Low level of particle and extractable contaminants
  • Highly absorbent and high tear strength
  • Strong, solvent resistant blend of cellulose and polyester

Dupont SONTARAR SW8838

The new light weight wiper paper made from a thinner and more porous material. Since material is thinner, it affords higher efficiency when used with the vacuum wiper in terms of vacuum pressure required to pull solvent and paste into the paper.

  • New, thinner paper affords higher efficiency when used with vacuum wipers.
  • Longer roll because of 20% more material can be loaded on a roll
  • Increased uptime and fewer changeovers as there are more wipes per roll
  • Less storage space for unused rolls
  • Compatible with major known solvents

Materials Division
ShinStat Anti-static Acrylic


SmartStat is an acrylic plastics sheet surfaced with proprietary, static dissipative surfacing to prevent accumulation of electronic charges.

  • High Anti-static Performance - the surface resistivity of 106 to 108 ohms/sq effectively prevents the built-up static electricity.
  • High Resistance to Friction Damage - the hardcoated surface is almost damage-free even rubbed with steel wool.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance - Because it's hardcoat surface, excellent in solvent resistance, durability and weather resistance.
  • Typical Applications - Machine covers, meter covers, displays, viewing windows in the electronic assembly floor. Clean tunnels, windows, room partitions, cover in the clean room.

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