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Apollo Seiko Desktop Robots


APOLLO SEIKO flexible desktop robots, it is ideal for soldering, dispensing, Chips encapsulation, PCB dispensing, screw tightening, testing, small & compact size. One operator can operate several robots.

  • Point soldering or line soldering
  • Quick-charge soldering tip
  • Ideal for circuit boards, connectors, sockets, lead wires, QFP
  • TM Iron Unit with RTC Temperature Control enables you to solder at a lower temperature. Hence eliminating thermal damage to PCB or components.



  • Memory card for 3-dimensional dispensing
  • Simultaneous control X, Y and Z axes
  • Chip Encapsulation, adhesion, potting, sealing (with various materials)
  • Use variety of material: instantaneous adhesive, silicon, epoxy resin, flux for soldering. 2.3 PCB Depanelizing

PCB Depanelizing

  • Prevents cracks in PC boards by cutting without stress
  • Simultaneous control X and Y axes
  • Programming with teaching pendant and programs are stored in the data cards
  • Perfect solution for very dense boards that tolerate little stress, curved boards, small boards and angled tabs.
  • Plastic shielding for operator safety

Circuit Assembly Division
TECAN Nickel Electroformed Stencils

TECAN Nickel Electroformed Stencils

To meet the most demanding requirements, involved in consistently achieving the best results for fine and ultrafine pitch printing technology, Tecan have develop their Nickel Electroformed Stencils (NES). The improvements to the printing process are evident as:
  • Lower printed defects
  • Higher production yields
  • Optimised quality
  • Less rework
  • Less equipment downtime

Circuit Assembly Division
SmartBlade Metal Squeegee

SmartBlade Metal Squeegee

Metal mobile edged squeegees have been shown to enhance the performance of today's printers by delivering repeatable results which match the demands of fine pitch printing. They also provide the scooping or scavenging problems that polyurethane squeegees have with larger apertures.

The feather edge allows the blade to flex locally to accommodate uneven surfaces such as board warpage, proud vias and thicker tracks, providing better deposit formation, increased process control and improved product quality.


Circuit Assembly Division

Earth-tronic Solder Recovery System

  • ISO 14001 environment standard compatible
  • Cost effective with rapid return on invesment
  • Reduce solder purchases up to 50%
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Reduce dross handling on site by 85%
  • Improve solder quality with less oxidation
  • Improve wave soldering efficiency with more consistent wave height
  • Eliminates the need for nitrogen
  • Automated micro-processor control system
  • Integrated diagnostics and monitoring with LCD display

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